Business Opportunities - Pipe Tech USA

Business Opportunities

Operate industry leading technology in your own region!



  • Have a niche that your competitors don’t have
  • Own your own territory before your competitor
  • Operate industry leading technology
  • Portable one man operation
  • User friendly turn-key system
  • No franchise fees
  • No royalties fees
  • Flexible payment plans (6 months – 5 years): Financing Available

How it works:

  1. Call us or email and claim your interest in our products.
  2. Inform us the date and time you wish to have a telephone conference meeting with Ed (Tom) Richards, the founder and owner of Pipe Tech USA.
  3. Expect to discuss your desired region and business experience.
  4. Once an agreement has been made, we will schedule a training date for your business to fly out to our headquarters in Sacramento, California.
  5. You and your company will receive The Pipe Coater Package and be trained by our professional team.



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