Fiber Wrap Pipe Repair
fiber wrap pipe repair
fiber wrap pipe repair

Fiber Wrap Pipe Repair

Fiber Wrap Pipe Repair is the best option for your external pipe repair needs.

At Pipe Tech USA, we are committed to give you the highest quality service available at an affordable price. Fiber Wrap Pipe Repair can be used for exposed pipe on commercial building roofs, parking garages, basements, or exposed pipe on industrial structures. With our personable services, comes high quality material. Furthermore, we use the industry’s best epoxy and fiber wrap. Which is why we include a 1 year warranty with all repairs!

We have successfully completed Fiber Wrap Pipe Repair for larger pipes 12″ and above located on industrial sites.

In addition, Fiber Wrap Pipe Repair works great on smaller diameter pipe as well.

How it works:

  • Our certified technicians will travel to your location to give you a quote based on the size and length of the broken pipe
  • We will work around your schedule to repair the pipe at the best time suited for you and your company
  • We will repair using our industrial epoxy and fiber wrap as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • We will include a 1 year warranty on all repairs

Trenchless Services

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